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Classes of Driving License

The class of driver's license you will need depends on the type of vehicle you plan to drive and if you are employed for the principal purpose of driving. This manual applies only to class "D" and "E" drivers' licenses.
Class "A", "B", and "C" - Commercial Drivers' Licenses (CDL)\
Class "D"
Class "E"

Driver Education

All driver license applicants applying for their first driver's license issuance must furnish proof of driver education training as required by law. This driver education course may be taken at a public or private institution. Depending upon the age of the applicant, the requirements of the driver education course differ. The driver education course must be completed before making application for the driver's license.

Age Requirement

Class D - Minimum seventeen (17) years of age.
Class E - Minimum fifteen (15) years of age for a learner's permit; must complete all stages of the Graduated Licensing Program.
Class A, B or C - Minimum age eighteen (18) (travel intra-state only, no hauling of hazardous materials); minimum age twenty-one (21) to travel interstate or obtain a hazardous material endorsement.

Graduated Licensing Program

Under a Graduated Licensing Program which has three stages:
a. A learner's permit that allows the holder to drive only while supervised by a fully licensed driver.
b. An intermediate license that allows unsupervised driving under certain restrictions.
c. A full license.

Driver's License Tests

The following tests may be given when you apply for a driver's license:
• Vision Test (eye exam) - to determine if your vision meets minimum standards (20/40) for safe driving.
• Knowledge of traffic laws, signs, and signals (knowledge written test) - to confirm your understanding of traffic signs and signals, as well as safe driving practices and Louisiana laws relative to driving.
• Road Skills (outside road driving test)

Road Skills Test

The road skills test consists of your ability to control the vehicle and a driving performance test. You will be tested on the rules of the road and your ability to drive a motor vehicle safely under normal traffic conditions. The examiner will evaluate your awareness of risks and your reaction to
them. You will be evaluated on your observation skills at intersections, when changing lanes, and
in other situations.

The following driving skills are most important as they will demonstrate your ability to safely operate your vehicle in ordinary traffic conditions. You will be graded on: Backing, Yielding right of way, Approach to Corner, Keeping in Lane, Parking between cars, Use of Signals, Following others, Attention, Turning,Response to Signs and Signals.

You will fail the skills test for any of the following:
• A violation of any traffic law
• Any dangerous action/incident
• Lack of cooperation or refusal to follow instructions
• Collision
• Cumulative minor mistakes

Tips To Pass The Written Test:

Read through the driver's manual at least three times.
Focus on memorizing any numeric information in the manual: lengths, distances, measurements, etc.
Trust your gut instinct.
Go with the "safest sounding" answer. Read through the full question and every possible answer before choosing
your answer.
Arrive at the licensing office for your test at least an hour prior to the time the last test can be given.
Be sure to arrive in the office to give sufficient time for you to concentrate on each question and answer.