Colorado Drivers' License Test 2023 - FREE Practice!

Practice Permit Test 01 - Alcohol and Other Drugs ➤ 19 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 02 - Defensive Driving ➤ 56 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 03 - Driving Record Information ➤ 16 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 04 - Intersections and Turns ➤ 25 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 05 - Parallel Parking ➤ 12 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 06 - Passing ➤ 13 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 07 - Road Signs ➤ 85 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 08 - Sharing the Road ➤ 39 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 09 - Special Driving Conditions ➤ 36 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 10 - State Related Driving Knowledge ➤ 17 questions, study

Practice Permit Test 11 - Traffic Control ➤ 84 questions, study

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Colorado Driver's Licnese Info & Resources:

  1. Colorado Driver's License And State ID
  2. Colorado DMV Publications - Driver's Handbook, Guide, Manual, Highway Code.
  3. Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles
  4. Colorado DMV Regional Office Locations - regional service centers, office hours and addresses.
  5. Colorado DMV Related Forms and Applications
  6. Colorado Motor Vehicle Registration
  7. Moving to Colorado, Non Resident Motorists
  8. Info for Colorado DMV Teen Drivers
  9. Official Colorado State Website

Things you need to do before going to the driver's license office and apply A Colorado Adult Driving License

Study driver's manual and prepare for the knowledge written test. ​​You need to successfully pass the written test before an instruction permit can be issued to you. Bring necessary documents, you may schedule an appointment online.

Things You Need to Bring to the Driver's License Office

Adult permits are valid for 3 years

Persons Who Cannot Be Issued A Colorado Driver's License

Any person who does not submit proof of age, proof of identity, or both, as required by the department.
Any person unable to pass the Driver’s license examination.
Any person with a license from another state that does not surrender that license. (C.R.S. 24-60-1106)
Any person under suspension, revocation, or denial of driving privileges in this or any other state.
Any person whose presence in the United States is in violation of federal immigration laws.
Any person adjudicated to be mentally incompetent, an alcoholic, or an habitual user of narcotic drugs.
Emancipated minors without an Affiavit of Liability. (DR 2460)
Any person who has unpaid fines or outstanding judgments for traffic violations.
Any person under 16 years of age.

Tests To Take

Vision Screening Test:
Your vision will be tested to determine if you can see well enough to drive safely. If the test discloses that you need corrective lenses to meet the
minimum visual standards, your license will show this restriction. Failure to meet established vision standards will
result in initial rejection and referral to a vision specialist for correction and recommendations at the applicant's expense. The minimum vision standard is 20/40.

Basic Written Test: This covers various aspects of driving knowledge and safety. The test questions will cover
the contents of this handbook including road signs, driving under the influence, as well as other driving rules, safety
rules and legal items.

Road Driving Test:
This is the most important part of the examination because it provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate that you can drive safely.

Classes of Colorado Driver License

Class R (Basic License) - Any motor vehicle which is not considered a motorcycle or commercial vehicle.
Class A,
Class B
Class C (Commercial Driver’s license - CDL)